Month: January 2021

Spice Up Dinner With THIS…

Stir-fries are great! They’re delicious, filling, and loaded with nutritious foods! Plus, each time you make it you can change up the sauce, veggies, and protein for some variety. If you’re looking for a new sauce for your stir-fry, here’s one you can try. It’s quick, easy, and super tasty! Here’s what you’ll need: –[...]
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The History Of Vitamin D

  Phytoplankton in the ocean have been synthesizing vitamin D from the sun for about 500 million years. By eating fish that eat these vitamin D rich phytoplanktons, vertebrates in the ocean get their vitamin D, allowing the calcium they absorb from the ocean be distributed properly throughout their body. Those of us on land,[...]
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Intermittent Fasting Tips And Tricks

Intermittent fasting is getting some buzz in the health and wellness world at the moment. A lot of people have successfully lost weight by adopting this eating schedule. If you’re considering trying it — maybe as a new challenge for the new year — take a look at this list of tips we made! But[...]
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