Thursday, 05 April 2018 13:56

Boosting your bodies immunity with D3

Not only is Vitamin D3 great for bone health, easing anxiety and boosting your mood, but it also helps to boost your immune cells!

Join Celebrity Trainer, Purathrive Advisory Board Member & Organic Foods Expert, Thomas DeLauer to learn how vitamin D3 activates the T-cells that typically lay dormant, and powers up the immune system to fight infection, viruses and any other negative pathogens within your blood stream.

Not all Vitamin D is Created Equal. Vitamin D3 is fat-soluable, which means it needs to be taken with a healthy fat in order to be absorbed.

Most Vitamin D supplements are not absorbable, but...

PuraTHRIVE is proud to offer Vitamin D3 with K2: a micelle liposomal formula that is specifically blended to increase the bioavailability of these nutrients by up to 185x!

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