Friday, 01 June 2018 10:09

Check out this keto diet tip - DHA vs MCT

If you are considering a ketogenic diet, you need to be certain that you are balancing the right fats and the right amount of protein in order to achieve top weight loss results and maximum energy with no inflammation. This will enable your body to convert fat to energy through ketogenesis.

Join Nutrition Expert and PuraTHRIVE Board Member, Thomas DeLauer to learn how to avoid some of the most common keto mistakes and get the inside track on MCT oil vs. Docosahexaenoic acid!

KETO Balance is coming soon to Thrive Essentials, official supplier for PuraTHRIVE UK & Europe. Watch this space!

As you look forward to receiving your KETO BALANCE, here are some things to note...

  • KETO BALANCE is thicker than our other products, and for good reason: We put as much collagen as we could into it to ensure you're getting enough of the nutrient to help you balance your keto lifestyle. ***Pro tip: store your bottle upside down, to make it easier to squeeze out every last drop!
  • It's chocolate flavored, even if it doesn't look like it! We had to be careful not to add too much cocoa, so that it doesn't oxidize the more fragile DHA in the formula. That chocolate flavor is still there, even if it doesn't look as dark as you might expect.
  • You can take KETO BALANCE right off of the spoon, but here are some other great ways to use it:
    • ***Shake it up in a blender cup with some almond milk to create a delicious keto chocolate milk.
    • ***Stir it (thoroughly) into a warm beverage
    • ***Blend it into a keto smoothie or bulletproof coffee