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8 Health Benefits Of Pistachios

Seeds of the Pistacia vera tree, pistachios are tasty, fun to eat, and super good for you!  Popular in many dishes – including ice cream – pistachios aren’t new on the scene. In fact, they’ve been a snack of choice since 7000 BC! [1] That’s good news, because these nuts contain many nutrients and compounds[...]
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Do Ice Baths Have Any Benefits?

You may have noticed athletes or fitness influencers jumping in bathtubs of ice or really cold water following a workout. You may have then wondered why on earth anyone would do such a thing.  For such an uncomfortable experience, it must come with some amazing benefits, right?  In today’s blog, we take a look at[...]
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Practice Mindful Eating

  Dieting is a practice many of us know well. Approximately 45 million Americans diet each year, and tens of billions of dollars are spent on weight loss products and programs. However, in recent years, some different trends have emerged, as many individuals search for an alternative to restrictive, yo-yo dieting patterns. One of those[...]
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