5 Amazing Benefits of Eating Local

5 Amazing Benefits of Eating Local

5 Amazing Benefits of Eating Local

Now that it’s officially summer, you may have seen some pop-up markets in your neighborhood. These farmer’s markets generally carry fresh seasonal produce, home-baked goods, locally crafted cheese, and sometimes even hand-made items like soaps or clothing. 

If you haven’t checked out your local farmer’s market, you definitely should!


Here are five amazing reasons why you should do a bit of shopping at a farmer’s market.

1. Local food is very fresh!

It’s basically as fresh as it gets. 

Unlike the produce found in supermarkets, produce from your farmer’s market has typically only been picked 1-2 days earlier — or sometimes even the morning of. This means that the fruits and vegetables get more time to ripen on the vine. The result? Tastier, juicer, and sweeter produce. If you’ve ever had local strawberries or tomatoes, you know what we mean!

Other items found in your farmer’s market will be fresh as well. Baked goods are often very recently baked and jams or syrups will have been recently harvested, with no need for preservatives or added ingredients to increase shelf life. 

2. Local food tends to be more nutritious 

All fruits and vegetables — regardless of being purchased from the supermarket or locally at a farmer’s market — provide nutrition that is essential for living a healthy lifestyle.

However, locally purchased produce does tend to have more nutrition. Important nutrients and antioxidants have been found to begin depleting from fruits and vegetables following harvest. Nutrition can also be lost in manufacturing, packaging, and while sitting on the store shelves. 

On the other hand, local produce can be on your plate within a day of being picked! If you have the option, go out to your local farmer’s market before meal-prep day to give a nice boost of nutrients to your lunches and dinners!

3. Eating locally helps you try new foods!

If you do decide to head to your local farmer’s market you may be introduced to fruits and vegetables you’ve never heard of before, or that you have heard of but never thought to try.

Not only can the farmers help you learn more about the practices and types of produce that grows in your area, but they can also offer tips on how to cook and eat them! 

A fun idea is to head to the farmer’s market and choose one new item to incorporate into a meal that day! 

4. Buying local is good for the environment

Reasons why include…

  • – Local produce travels less than supermarket produce, which can often come from other countries. This lowers their carbon footprint and the pollution created to get them to your plate.
  • – Local produce often requires less packaging and processing, greatly reducing the number of materials (often plastic or styrofoam) needed. 
  • – If local produce is being grown and purchased in your area, it helps keep and create green spaces and supports the regional ecosystem by boosting diversity and protecting pollinators. 

5. Eating local supports your local economy

When you buy local, the money you spend is far more likely to go to families in your community and get recirculated within your town or city. 

This has a snowball effect, helping to create jobs in your area and promote other growth and development in your region. 

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