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My name is Magnus Mulliner.

I’ve been on this incredible health and wellness journey now since 1988! I was born in the Lake District in 1970 and I’ve lived in Denver Colorado (1994-5) and Calgary (2005-7). I’ve also had the privilege of studying at some of the top universities in the UK and USA.

When I look back throughout my core conscious passions, my whole focus has always been about bettering myself, not just physically through functional sport specific training (to date, I’ve completed x 3 www.dwrace.org), yoga, working in creative movements, optimal nutrition; but also mentally (mindfulness/mediation), emotionally (NLP, NAC), spiritually (we are one, we are all connected) and of course socially.

My goal has always been to put further deposits in my ‘health bank account’ and that of my family, friends, clients and now important customers.

As you’ll be aware, it’s NOT about the ‘calories’ per se, it’s about the INFORMATION that is in the calories. That’s the life enhancing essential nutrients, which allow our cells to THRIVE. To do their job as they have been DNA programmed to do for generations.

Our job is to ‘get over ourselves and out of our way’ and with each breath, integrate whatever revelation has been presented in the moment so that we can TRANSFORM ourselves. We know that resistance is futile! We know that resistance according to Byron Katie, “… is the first act of war”. Our job is to remain calm and be at peace with what is. After all our health, our happiness, indeed our peace and harmony is AN INSIDE OUT JOB!

Without diving into too much biochemistry and present day new-science research trust me when I remind you that all dis-ease is created by inflammation and most dis-ease/s starts in our guts! Once we allow our stomachs to heal (as in our mucosal barrier) our body naturally takes care of itself.

It’s my present understanding that there is only ONE dis-ease – Molecular Chaos and there are only two ways to create that. 1. Toxicity – air we breathe, chemicals we add to our skin, wash in our mouths, metal fillings/root canals, PCB’s, Fluoride and chlorine in the water drink, inc. birth control pills and antibiotics…) and 2. Deficiency – not providing our cells with their essentials nutrients due to stress, compromised immune system, stomach pH not low enough, dehydrated, poor food quality choices, not being PRESENT with your foods, etc, etc.

When people ask me, what are the best foods for them. The simple answer is – Metabolic TypingTM – food that does NOT irritate or cause inflammation.

I’ve discovered that over the last 60+ years our soils have become seriously depleted in their essential life enhancing NUTRIENTS, therefore it is VITAL for us to take GREAT QUALITY SUPPLEMENTS as well as consume seasonal – Mother Nature’s FOODS.

The fact is too, that as time goes by, although our food may look real and taste real to us, it is seriously deficient of so many life sustaining essential nutrients, such as Ca, Mg, B12, Fe, D3, K2, Zn, Cu, Mn, etc, etc.

Also, so many people are not being MINDFUL when they choose to eat real foods, which then results in a poor cephalic response and then this basically prevents our body from, ingesting, secreting, digesting, absorbing and then eliminating our foods effectively. Another quick reminder to be PRESENT, calm and take in the olfactory, gustatory senses before and during each bite!

Back in 2010 my wife and I (First child – Lucas was born in Aug 2010, Austin in July 2013) were presented with a golden opportunity to set up an effective on-line supplement distribution business – www.synergisticseurope.com

Then in 2012 after hearing an excellent podcast with Ian Clark – CEO of Activation Products, we tried his supplements and then shortly after reaping the benefits of a better night sleep, faster training recovery, and a more clear mind, we set up www.activationeurope.com

This year (2017) we proactively read and heard about the incredible health benefits of taking PuraThrive supplements – www.purathrive.com Once again, more vitally essential supplements were created and we felt NOW is the time to use, stock and share these with family, friends and health conscious customers in the UK and Europe+. As the saying goes, “The proof is always in the pudding”, so we challenge you, in fact we inspire you to step up and try these life essential supplements.

I also encourage you to get tested for your levels of either D3 and or B12. We use www.grassrootshealth.org and or www.vitamindcouncil.org Your blood levels should be between 40-60ng mL.

If you reside in the UK, then your GP can test your B12 (normal range -200 to 600 pg/mL) or folate levels. (Plasma folate level varies with age – Adults: 2-20 ng/mL, or 4.5-45.3 nmol/L. Children: 5-21 ng/mL, or 11.3-47.6 nmol/L. Infants: 14-51 ng/mL, or 31.7-115.5 nmol/L.

The reference range of the red blood cell (RBC) folate level also varies by age – Adults: 140-628 ng/mL, or 317-1422 nmol/L. Children: Over 160 ng/mL, or over 362 nmol/L.

The best source of natural D3 is our sun, however YOUR skin type, hydration levels, as well as heredity may play a huge role in how long YOU should be outside (Sixty percent + of your skin should be exposed!) to reap the full benefits (10-20,000 iu Vitamin D3). Naturally a lighter skinned person should spend less time than a brown or black person. The time range between 1000-1400hrs (best time to catch UVB – utilises your essential cholesterol on your skin) is optimal and your duration in the sun (without sunscreen!) could be as little as 10 mins depending on your latitude to as long as 25+ mins. DON’T BURN YOURSELF!

We hope you’ve found the ‘About Us’ informative and useful in providing you with a little insight in who we are and what we do in order to be of great service.


I for one certainly love feedback, so please do email us if you feel you’d like to provide some constructive feedback. info@thriveessentials.co.uk

We wish you and yours an outstanding season.

Yours in health and in happiness,

Magnus & Family XXXX

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