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Thrive Essentials is an official supplier for Purality Health™ supplements in the UK & Europe.

My name is Magnus Mulliner.

I’ve been on this incredible health and wellness journey now since 1988! I was born in the Lake District in 1970 and I’ve lived in Denver Colorado (1994-5) and Calgary (2005-7). I’ve also had the privilege of studying at some of the top universities in the UK and USA. When I look back throughout my core conscious passions, my whole focus has always been about bettering myself, not just physically through functional sport specific training (to date, I’ve completed x 3 www.dwrace.org), yoga, working in creative movements, optimal nutrition; but also mentally (mindfulness/mediation), emotionally (NLP, NAC), spiritually (we are one, we are all connected) and of course socially.

My goal has always been to put further deposits in my ‘health bank account’ and that of my family, friends, clients and now important customers.

    (Magnus), my wife Sarah, Lucas (left – three years young) and Austin (11 days young).
    (Magnus), my wife Sarah, Lucas (left – three years young) and Austin (11 days young).

    Perhaps you’ve reached the point where you think or even know that nutrition is important if you ever want to get well and remain well. It’s just common sense, right? But you’ve also come to realize that the field of nutrition is quite confusing. Even though there are more books and more professionals promulgating various diets than ever before, it’s also made it even harder to find what’s really true and right for you or decide just what to do.

    Everywhere you look, there are contradictions. Your friend tells you one thing. You read about just the opposite in a health magazine. And a hot new best seller at your local bookstore says something quite different altogether.

    And, maybe you’ve learned from your own experience that what works for one person, doesn’t help a second and can actually make a third person worse! WOW!

    How can there be so much confusion and contradiction about something that is supposed to be so good for you?

    The wrong way to think about nutrition is that one diet is right for everyone!

    The wrong way to use nutrition is the same way that you use a drug!!

    You know there is no Elixir of life to be found in a pill, potion or bottle. However, given the right foods and supplements your body will heal itself. No one has ever healed anyone of anything, only your body has the innate intelligence to health itself, if it’s provided the right ‘menu’.

    You know that you are unique! You know one shoe size doesn’t fit all. You know that everyone is as unique as their fingerprints. So, why would anyone ever think that one diet is right for everyone? Or, that what works nutritionally for one person would work for another as well?

    “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” Hippocrates 460-377 B.C.

    The fact is, you really can eat the best organic foods, exercise regularly, drink plenty of fluids, get sufficient rest, take the finest supplements that money can buy . . . and still not feel well, or even start feeling worse than before!

    So, what is the answer?

    The Answer Is To Find Out What Is Right For You by using Metabolic Typing!

    B O T T O M L I N E:

    Unless you match your nutrition to your metabolism,

    you’ll only be wasting your time and money!