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I buy products from this company from Ebay. I'm in the USA and they are in UK. I'm glad to say every time I've bought products (4 times) these arrive in a week or less...in many cases, I get them even faster than when I buy from seller in my country. I've learned to trust their products and their service. Thanks Thrive!

Sharon Mclaffert

I absolutely love the B12 Purathrive liquid product and was delighted to find it totally took away the horrendous menopausal headaches I was suffering with, it eliminated brain fog and fatigue and helped me sleep really well after awful insomnia. It also helped with constipation and no more gas or pain in my stomach. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. It works!

Ingrid Scott

I've been using Curcumin Gold for several years now and I've recommended it to dozens of friends! It's great tasting and it works! I order 6 at a time to benefit from the discount and because I use it!