B12 deficiency symptom checklist.

120 Million People Have Low B12 Levels[1] ARE YOU AT RISK?

Did You Know almost 40% of People have Weak Vitamin B12 levels? [3]

It’s one of the most devastating hardships in the western world. Yet the signs are often grossly overlooked by doctors… and even by most people.

What your doctor doesn’t know about Vitamin B12 may hurt you.

If you feel sluggish in the afternoons, light-headed, suffer with brain fog and fatigue… you too may urgently need a B12 boost. [4]
Here’s why:

Your body craves B12 to keep your nerves and cells healthy. [5]

Yet B12 cannot be made by our bodies alone. And plants don’t make it either. B12 is only naturally available in red meat and fish, where it’s found in abundance.

That means if you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’re likely lacking the right amount of B12 in your diet. [6]

Yet, even if you are supplementing, you may not be getting the full effect either.


Feel sluggish in the afternoon? Still weary after a long night’s sleep? You may be experiencing the first warning signs of B12 deficiency.

Lethargy, fatigue and sluggishness are often the first stage of the deficiency.

As you’ll discover in a moment, B12 deficiency is more commonly associated with faulty absorption as opposed to low intake of the vitamin itself. [7]
Bottom line? Just because you’re supplementing doesn’t mean your body is absorbing.

Converts Nutrients Into Energy Efficiently…

Yes, B12 is essential for your energy levels, yet that’s just the tip of the iceberg. B12 is also crucial for your mood, supports healthy heart, aides digestion and so much more.

It’s been called a primordial molecule important to the health of all the of our cells. [9]

How can you tell if you’re deficient?

If you suffer from tingling limbs, fatigue, irritability, mood swings, feeling run-down (especially in the afternoon), brain fog, lightheadedness… [10]

  • Bouts of Sadness
  • Brain Fog
  • Tingling Limbs
  • Lightheadedness
  • Feeling Run-Down
  • Memory Loss
  • Mood Swings
  • Low Energy

Your body may be setting off alarm signals that your B12 levels are too low

In a recent study, 50% of those surveyed who experienced fatigue, sluggishness, normal memory loss, etc. were found to have normal
B12 levels when tested by measuring serum vitamin B12 levels [11]

What does that mean? It means even if you’re suffering from fatigue, sluggishness in the afternoons, brain fog and just a severe lack in energy…

…your doctor may still tell you your B12 levels are ok based on the rerum testing result.

You see, many doctors will only suggest you take more vitamin B12 if your B12 count is below 150. Yet recent research suggests adequate levels of B12 should be much higher.

Right now, even if you have ‘normal’ levels, you still may need a boost.

The silent affliction NEEDS immediate attention…

B12 helps people suffering from symptoms such as:

  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Moody
  • Sluggishness
  • Unhealthy Hair

Vitamin B12 can help you feel more energetic and to have a better overall sense of wellbeing.

B12 is Incredible!

B12 is like pouring water on a thirsty plant when you come back from vacation. It replenishes and revitalizes the entire body… it energizes you naturally!. [13]

Here’s the best news:

YOU can get B12 in the right dose, without worrying whether your body can absorb it. How?

It’s all thanks to an AMAZING breakthrough in B12 absorption…

Why you’re NOT getting the B12 benefits you need

If you currently supplement with vitamins on a regular basis, maybe you’ve noticed your pee is bright yellow.

There’s a reason.

It’s because your body is not able to absorb the vitamins you ingested so it just pees them out.

That means the supplement you’re taking is going right through you, failing to deliver any of the benefits you were looking forward to. Why?

Because these fragile nutrients have to pass through a harsh digestion process. Remember, your stomach alone digests food using hydrochloric acid. It disintegrates the vitamin right there in your belly.

And even if some B12 makes it through to your intestine, it has no effect unless it’s absorbed into your bloodstream.

The end result? You’re left with a tiny trace of the vitamin making it through to your bloodstream.

You’re literally flushing your money (and your hope) down the toilet…

Fortunately, here at Purality Health®, we’ve developed a solution. It’s derived from nature itself.

And we believe it’s a game-changer for anybody who wants the FULL effects and complete benefits of any vitamin.

I’m talking about the power of liposomal technology…

We surround our B12 with liposomes. Liposomes are a “sciency” word for a layer of fat very similar to your own cell walls.
The liposomes surround and protect the B12 from the acid in your stomach.

Liposomes protect the active ingredient from the hostile environment in the human digestive system, and make it more readily available for absorption.

Now you know you’re getting the FULL DOSE. And you can FEEL it too! The increased energy, the alertness and the peace of mind you’re bulletproofing your body for the future.

Getting the RIGHT amount of B12 into your body through proper absorption has been shown to:

  • Can Help Maintain Energy Levels
  • Has Been Shown to Support An Overall Sense of Wellbeing
  • Has Been Shown to Promote Calmness
  • May Help Support Healthy Heart Function
  • May Help Support Your Skin, Your Hair Thick and Your Nails Strong
  • Supports Healthy brainpower
  • and May Protect
  • your intellect
  • Aid digestion by fostering a healthy environment for friendly gut bacteria
  • B12 is vital for a healthy pregnancy and improved breastfeeding.

One of the purest, most bioavailable forms of B12 BEWARE: Many supplement manufacturers use the cheaper form of B12 called Cyanocobalamin

Now, Cyanocobalamin can be harmful because it draws from your body’s precious pool of methyl groups.

Purality Health® B12 uses ONLY Methylcobalamin – the naturally occurring B12 your body can use immediately.

The methyl groups are fundamental to metabolism and so much more…. you’ll feel the difference when you’re adding to the methyl pool.

But even that wasn’t enough for us here at Purality Health®

Determined to make our B12 the most easily absorbable on the market to deliver the countless health benefits you deserve… we added one more piece to the puzzle:

The Master Key For Ultimate Nutrient Absorption

We included the nutrient fulvic acid to the mix.

Fulvic acid is renowned for its superior absorption capabilities. It’is found in humus, the highly nutritious layer of earth that feeds plants and ensures they grow strong and healthy. It’s made up of the most beneficial and nutritious portions of the earth in their natural form.

  • Fulvic acids dissolve and transpose vitamins, coenzymes, auxins, hormones, and natural

    antibiotics. [23]
  • Fulvic acid rapidly detoxifies the toxic herbicide known as Paraquat and Atrazine (stated right on the label). It has a special function with respect to the demise of organic compounds applied to soil as pesticides. [24]
  • Fulvic acid has the ability to complex vitamins

    into its structure, where they are presented to the cell in combination with complexed minerals. In this perfect natural condition, they can be catalyzed and utilized by the cell. [25]
  • Fulvic acid enhances the availability of nutrients and makes them more readily absorbable, allowing minerals to regenerate and prolong time of essential nutrients.. [26]
  • Fulvic acids are excellent natural chelators, cation exchangers, and are vitally important in the nutrition of cells. [27]

Feeling Down? New Evidence Reveals A Simple Lack of B12 May Be The Answer…

A Finnish study, involving more than 400 individuals with experiencing normal, simple life mood swings was one of the first to discover that levels of B12 corresponded with low mood. [28]

Those with the highest levels of B12 reported feeling a greater sense of overall wellbeing than those with lower vitamin B12 levels.

And those with the worst symptoms or ‘mood swings’ had the lowest levels of B12.

Another study in the US of women over the age of 65 found that women deficient in B12 were twice as likely to have low mood levels as those with adequate levels. [29]

And a population study of 4500 elderly men and women found those with low B12 were 70% more likely to feel down. [30]

What Would Abundant Energy, Sharper Thinking & A Good Mood Be Worth To You?

The benefits of B12 are numerous. From a surge in your energy levels to brighter, clearer thinking.

No longer do we have to accept cognitive decline as we get older, but we can begin supporting our memory now.

Yet it’s highly likely that right now you are grossly deficient in this crucial vitamin. And, even if you ARE supplementing, your body is failing to absorb and assimilate the delicate nutrients.

Fortunately, today, you came across THE solution.

Now you can get the RIGHT DOSE of B12 every single day and just watch what happens to your health, your energy, your entire life.

Imagine leaping out of bed in the morning instead of dragging yourself out from under the duvet.

Picture having enough energy to chase your kids (or grandkids) around… even at the end of a busy day.

And just think what it will be like to be in that bright, happy and ‘sharp as a tack’ mood all day long.

Sincerely, what would all that be worth to you?

At Purality Health® we’re dedicated to bringing premium quality nutrients in our unique delivery system. No one else is doing this. Yet we don’t want to price out the people who need our supplements the most.

That’s why we’ve made it super-affordable to FEEL the difference today.

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