Power Partners: Vitamins C and D3 Boost Immune Health

Did you know: the power of Vitamins C & D3 combine to fight infection and prevent illness… 

The ‘How’:

Our immune cells have what are called Vitamin C transporters on their membranes. This is where our immune cells collect vitamin C, they utilize transporters to bring them into the cell when needed. We happen to need vitamin C the most when we’re sick. As an illness begins, our immune cells work harder than usual and our levels deplete. We’re supposed to increase vitamin C in a supplemental form or through our diet to try to get those levels back up to homeostasis. Once we’re fighting the infection, it’s the job of the vitamin C to give energy to the T cells so they can track and destroy illnesses.

We have 2 types of T Cells… 

  1. Labels an illness
  2. Attacks the illness

It’s a very efficient system! But what we didn’t know until recently was that it is imperative that vitamin D and vitamin C work together when it comes down to activating our immune cells. Our T cells need to be triggered. Research is showing that without Vitamin D, these immune cells remain, what we call, naïve or dormant. Once the dormant immune cell is exposed to an illness, it sends out a signal for help. From here, Vitamin D rushes in and activates that immune cell. Now that the immune cell is activated, it becomes either a helper T cell or a killer T cell. Without Vitamin D, immune cells cannot be activated. This could be why we get more sick more frequently in the winter, when our vitamin D levels are lower.

In this study:

The Clinical Rheumatology Journal published a study that took a look at 20 female participants, divided into two groups.

  1. Given 150 mgs of vitamin C intravenously for 10 days  
  2. Given a placebo for 10 days

All participants were then given 30 days to reset and then repeated the process at 1000mgs of Vitamin C vs the placebo. What they found was by adding vitamin C into the mix, it increased levels of vitamin D but only to a certain degree. The body can only produce so much on it’s own.

If you want to beat a cold or flu, you really need to be supplementing with higher doses of Vitamin C and moderate doses of vitamin D. Having a healthy diet of Vitamin C & D rich foods is a great step but you also want to make sure you get it in a truly bio available, absorbable form. That’s what PuraTHRIVE is all about. With our Micellar Liposomal Technology, our delivery system is beyond compare!