Curcumin & Vitamin D = Brain Protection – New video

Join Celebrity Trainer, Purathrive Partner & Organic Foods Expert, Thomas DeLauer to discover how to reduce pain, lower inflammation and regulate gene expression.

Learn how a new powerful combination of curcumin and Vitamin D has been shown to enhance the immune system and protect the brain all while providing numerous other health benefits – AND how you can try supplementing your diet with this super blend to start experiencing the positive effects right now.

PuraTHRIVE’s Curcumin and Vitamin D formulas bring SO much to the table. Beyond protecting your brain, they can help reduce inflammation, encourage weight loss, enhance your mood, etc…

PLUS, it utilizes our Micelle Liposomal delivery method, so you can be sure that you’re getting the most from your supplement, it’s getting right to where it’s needed in your body!

Poor sleep has actually been directly linked with weight gain. Short sleep duration is one of the largest contributing factors to obesity in both children and adults

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