The Truth About Turmeric and Black Pepper

The Truth About Turmeric and Black Pepper

If you’re taking black pepper with your turmeric, stop!

I know, you’ve probably heard that in order to absorb your turmeric and get the benefit from it, you need to take it with black pepper.

Most turmeric supplements are made with black pepper extract, known as piperine.

Other supplements and nutrients are including black pepper with claims of increased absorption now too…

But, while you’re trying to give your body a super-nutrient in a bioavailable form, you could be causing trouble for your liver and making your body more toxic.

When it comes to turmeric…

turmeric root for inflammation

Turmeric’s bioactive component is known as curcumin, and it can be very hard for your body to metabolize.

You see, your liver breaks curcumin down into a water-soluble form, so it easily passes through your digestive system without being properly absorbed.

This is frustrating because you’re probably consuming the turmeric for its considerable health benefits, which you won’t get if you’re only absorbing a minimal amount.

There are ways around this — one of which is considered to be black pepper extract.

But you REALLY don’t want to lean on black pepper extract.

Why aren’t you getting the benefit of turmeric on its own?

When you consume something, your liver needs to process that substance. It goes through a process called glucuronidation, which is a natural detox.

Your liver attaches a glucuronide to a particular drug, food substance, or toxin. Then this substance is broken down so that your body can excrete it, but it doesn’t necessarily get to absorb it first.

You need to remember that your body can’t always ascertain which drugs are beneficial versus detrimental. Even though turmeric is all-natural and comes from a plant, your body still treats it like a drug.

So, the point of the glucuronidation process is to ensure that your liver isn’t mass absorbing anything that might be detrimental to your body. Unfortunately, this often means nutrients like those in turmeric get excreted along with the toxins.

This is why you need to stay away from black pepper… 

Black pepper and piperine are touted for their ability to help your body absorb nutrients like turmeric.

The issue is that what they are actually doing is inhibiting the glucuronidation process.

This is really problematic because by turning off your liver’s defense system, the black pepper is allowing your body to absorb everything, not just the good stuff.

The toxins and detrimental substances that your body can usually filter may now be staying in your body, causing multiple health concerns.

Also, if you’re taking medication, the effects of those meds may become enhanced, because more of the drugs are being absorbed.

You need your liver to be able to properly do its job, so it’s imperative that you avoid shutting down its natural functions.

What can you do instead?

One option is that you can use fulvic acid.

It used to be a lot easier to come by, as it can be found in plants everywhere. But, with the depletion of the nutrients in the soil, it’s not as plentiful as it used to be.

You can, however, get quality fulvic acid supplements or supplements that contain fulvic acid…

This nutrient helps bind the healthy metals and minerals in your digestive system, making it so that you absorb more of what you consume. It can also open up your cell membranes so that your cells may directly absorb more of the nutrients you’re consuming.

This is a much better option than shutting down your liver’s natural processes.

There’s another option…

You could also use PuraTHRIVE® Micelle Liposomal Turmeric, which utilizes fulvic acid AND a unique delivery technology to ensure optimal absorption of the turmeric.

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